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In my naiveté, I thought that in a time of company culture and corporate values on the wall, expensive employee swag and gift experiences, inspiring company manifestos and people’s teams whose job is solely to make employees happy, there cannot be workplace bullying anymore.

Well, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute, (yes, this institute actually exists) more than 60 million working people in the United States are affected by bullying. That’s a ridiculous amount of people to handle so much pressure and negativity on a daily basis.

Moreover, workplace bullying (WB) has been considered by prior researchers as one of…

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“If we would all follow our passion, the world will not have any street cleaners.“

You spend a lot of your life having people tell you to follow your passion. Easy quote to hang on your wall and a GREAT piece of advice if you have one clear and obvious passion staring you in the face.

Scenario 1: But what happens when you have a lot of hobbies but cannot really call them passions? What if you do not have a passion at all?

Then this piece of advice can create a lot of anxiety and expectations — you must have had a passion by now (“How come you don’t have a passion?”) …

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How can you best describe the mission of your company or your personal mission? A mission is a route you take in life or in business, based on your genuine values.

Let’s take the company mission as an example. We do not love the brand with the best product, most features, or the most innovative product. Loving a brand is not an objective process. We love the brand because of what it represents for us, therefore we love their product.

The reason we stay loyal to brands is because of their values. The brands you love manage to combine physical…

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I invite you to take in an alternative perspective: be a go-giver instead of a go-getter. Well, what’s the difference?

A go-getter is a person who is ambitious and who isn’t afraid to ask for and pursue what he/she wants. A go-getter is usually selfish in his/ her pursuits, knows his/her worth, and always demands what he/she deserves.

I was the ultimate go-getter — it all started in my early adulthood with motivational videos, daily mantras about my next steps, having “the constant fight against the world“ mentality. Work, study, hustle. …

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The boom of measurement tools and the pressure to become a data-driven company has encouraged us to track every possible metric at each stage of the customer journey. Which has led us to filter out vanity metrics and measure “only what matters”.

Deloitte recommends tracking three key metrics. Any more and you risk them becoming obsolete. But which ones should you track?

Revenue generated?

Year over Year growth?

Outbound sales calls per week?

Brand awareness?

Average time to conversion on site?

In actual fact, there’s only one metric that matters: the happiness of your customers. Let me explain.

Busyness Does Not Equal Value

Metrics calculated…

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There is a huge pressure for perfection when it comes to sustainability in fashion. Sure we want all fashion brand fully sustainable now. But that is impossible even if they have the best intentions to change.

By now I think everyone has noted the bad reputation the fashion industry has received for its unsustainable practices. As well as the statistics accompanied by this reputation, including the volume of water consumed at 79 billion cubic meters and predictions that the industry’s CO2 emissions will rise by 60% by 2030. …

I speak to fashion brands, both starting up and established or the PR agencies working for retail industry and the first thing they mention is how hard it is to be sustainable and how the overall supply chain is built against sustainability.

Well, noone said it would be easy. And it’s time. In fact, it’s long overdue. A linear cycle of creating clothes, packaging, or products in general has to be stopped.

Each second enough clothes to fill a garbage truck are burned or delivered to the landfill. The efforts of Bangladeshi textile workers fuel expensive Western brands for the…

By now I’m sure most of you have heard Bill Gates’s famous phrase “Content is King” scattered around everywhere. It’s a trend that has hit marketing hard and caused businesses to pour more and more resources into content production and distribution.

But why exactly has the importance of content marketing grown and continues to do so?

There are three key drivers for this:

  • Online advertising has become more expensive
  • Consumers have an insatiable need for fresh content
  • Companies need to produce higher quality content to compete with each other

Let’s unpack those a bit.

Content is the defense for online…

One peek at your Slack channels and I could probably tell you if your company is destined for success or not. One glance over an internal email from the CEO and a few seconds in a stand up and I’m certain.

What am I looking for? Whether your company is the sort that focuses on success or dwells on failure.

The Problem with Success

As your first thought, maybe you’d think that growing a culture of winning and celebration is a recipe for future success. That announcing deals signed and new partnerships formed should encourage other employees to aspire to…

When you hear the word “branding” what do you think? A group of carefully selected colors that perfectly complement each other? A simple — yet complex — standout logo that evolves over time? How about an award winning agency renowned for neatly wrapping all of your brand elements into one cool concept?

Unfortunately today, a brand goes much deeper than the surface-level look and feel, not to mention your brand personality. A brand image is as much as what you project out to the public as the conversations consumers have between each other.

And these conversations now happen across the…

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